It’s all about character…

July 12, 2009

I’m loving all of the character-derivative, dance-theater pieces on Fox’s
“So You Think You Can Dance” this season.  What these pieces remind audiences is that, not only is dance an art, but also a form of entertainment. 

I think so many professional companies, whether ballet or modern, seem to forget that, at the heart of it, dance can be so fun and entertaining, even while conveying a message or feeling. 

I have seen so many lackluster modern dance performances lately:  overly conceptual pieces with no real structure, musicality, and completely devoid of technique and grace.  While I can appreciate what they may be trying to accomplish, I find myself completely underwhelmed and maybe even a little bored. 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  the kinds of things this television accomplishes for the dance industry is amazing– but if that kind of entertainment is going to be transferred to the stage (and to non-profit dance companies) these companies need to learn how to put the characters and entertainment value into their repertoire. 

Check out these killer, character-derivitave pieces to see what I’m talking about!

And, below is one of my favorite Wade Robson pieces of all time:  the movement quality and characters are so strong and real here…THIS is what dance companies can accomplish on stage, by working with character and story, as opposed to just concept or technique.


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